Q: How to make an appointment?

A: You can Contactme.

Q: What are service hours?

A: From 9:00am to 5:00pm (Monday to Friday).

Q: What are the benefits of Qigong?

A: Qigong benefits include: increased stamina and vitality; enhanced sleepfulness; regulated yin and yang; better circulation; emotional stability; boosted immunity; greater balance of internal energy; and improved function of internal organs.

Q: Why is Qigong healing good?

A: Qigong healing is natural, holistic and effective therapy. It does not create any side effects, no medicines are involved, has long-term benefits.

Q: Who can get benefit from Qigong healing?

A: Everyone can get benefit from qigong healing. Qigong healing is a kind of very effective therapy for many health conditions. It is great for “maintenance” as a monthly routine to keep healthiness as well.

Q: Dose Qigong healing really work?

A: Yes. It has had success in many health conditions that acupuncture does, as well as providing solutions for other conditions.

Q: How many sessions would be needed?

A: This is a hard question to answer as it varies with different person and different problem. Usually you will have improvement after every session. Here are a few generalisations:
    Acute health problems such as a strain can usually be fixed more quickly.
    Chronic health problems such as long-term lower back pain will need more sessions.

Q: What are the characteristics of Qigong healing?

A: 1. It is useful for many health problems, but it is very effective in chronic functional disturbance or those in the recovery stage.
    2. It is helpful for illness prevention and health maintenance.

Q: What kind of reaction occurs after one session?

A: After Qigong Healing, most clients experience a relief of symptoms, a comfortable and relaxed feeling, good sleep, improved appetite. However, some clients may show signs of tiredness or sore body. In general, it is only a temporary response to the session and may disappear after 1-2 more days. An explanation is necessary to relieve the client's worry about the temporary setback.

Q: What is the insurance coverage?

A: Naturotherapy, Massotherapy.