February 2004, I had a fall on skating (left buttock), approximately 6 months later, I had to take an X-ray for my back because I felt sharp pains in the middle of the back and peak iliac bone. Nothing apparent the doctor said. In September 2006, I had attacks of neuropathic pain from the neck to the feet,I was suffering from pudendal neuralgia due to compression of nerves in the pelvic floor. In January 2007, the coccyx pain was unbearable, I bought an "ice pack" in order to sit, I kept it until July 2008. That's when I received my first Qigong session from Jessica Chen. After the first Session, I no longer needed the "ice pack" or orthotics for walking. Gradually, over the sessions of "no pain no gain", I found that the use of my muscles and the light at the end of the endless tunnel that was the pudendal neuralgia.