The Principle of Qigong Healing

"Pain results from Qi obstruction and pain ceases when Qi flows." Qigong healing achieves its curative effect by clearing the obstruction in the flow of Qi and balancing the energy flow.

The Source of Qigong Healing

The healing energy can come from two sources:

Internal Qi: It is based on stimulating the Qi from the client's own body.

External Qi: External Qi: Qigong healer emits Qi to client.

The Method of Qigong Healing

Please wear loose, comfortable clothes for good results. In China, the traditional Qigong healing, the client(fully wear) should sit on chair or stool in order to obtain good results. Use of active acupressure, reflexology, therapeutic touch, manual therapy and Qi transmission techniques.

About Qigong Healing

It is a natural, holistic approach. The Qigong healer will follow the client' energy pathway from top to bottom to detect the problems and find the cause of problems, in addition, interact with the client's Qi; furthermore, using pressure points and Qi transmission techniques to provide relief. Only the best trained Qigong masters can emit Qi to others through a variety of special means, particularly from their fingers and palms or through their eyes. The healer’s hands may be placed on or near the client's body; this emitted Qi has applications in healing.

What is the Feeling during Qigong Healing?

During Qigong healing, most clients will experience Qi sensations such as: - Tingling, distention, pain, warmness, heat, coolness. Sometimes it includes sensation of slow flowing movement or electric-like movement. - Sleepiness, mild sweating, body shaking sensation.