qigongheal-home Qigong therapy is the forefather of Acupuncture. It is a type of alternative medicine. As the most ancient form of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it has two parts. Qigong practice (internal Qi healing) is a way of self-healing; however, the most powerful part is Qigong healing (external Qi healing). Qigong healing depends not only on the Qigong healer but TCM theory as well. In Western culture, Qi can loosely be translated to “bioenergy”. Qigong healers interact with the others and emit Qi to others by placing their hands on or close to the other’s body. The healers could be to remove "bad energy" that causes stress and illness, to improve the flow of Qi or even to enhance the existing energy. As long as Qi flows freely throughout the meridians that have branches connected to bodily organs and functions, the body can achieve balance and health can be maintained. But once Qi is blocked, result pain or illness. Qigong healing can break up blockages in the meridian system that may cause physical, mental and emotional problems.


My qigong healing is a more holistic approach, focusing on the body as a whole. It is a combination of active acupressure, reflexology, therapeutic touch, manual therapy, and Qi transmission techniques. If you want to have a good health; If you have any pain; If you have stress or anxiety; and nothing else has worked for you, why not give this a shot. You'll be glad you did. qigongheal-location


Ø Pain Management.
Ø Functional Rehabilitation.
Ø Energy & Immunity Boost.
Ø Restore Balance and Health.
Ø Restore Energy after Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy.